Shirley 2024

2024, Biography, Drama, History
Shirley 2024

Title:- Shirley 2024
Directors: John Ridley
Writers: John Ridley
Cast: Regina King, Lance Reddick, Terrence Howard
Genre: Films 2024 | Biography, Drama, History
Synopsis: Shirley’s life is not given to us in the cliched knee-deep full width by Ridley. concentrating instead on her 1972 presidential campaign—the only one that a black candidate from a major party had ever launched. Shirley ran a working-class campaign during the eighteen months before the Democratic Party primary. It is unencumbered by the corporate avarice and political pressures that consistently impede the democratic process. Throughout her multiple campaign trips, Regina King is electrifying, providing the energy needed to portray Shirley as a trailblazing woman. She’s the kind of person that never backs down from a fight and despises the word “can’t.” Her demeanor gives us an idea of her political persona and potential accomplishments. There’s a huge variety of genres only on Lookmovie new site.