Save the Cinema 2022

2022, Drama
Save the Cinema 2022

Title:- Save the Cinema 2022
Directors: Sara Sugarman
Writers: Piers Ashworth, Lorraine King
Cast: Louisa Cliffe, Krrish Patel, Jonathan Pryce
Genre: Films 2022 | Drama
Rating: 6.7/10
Synopsis: Save the Cinema 2022 movie is directed by Sara Sugarman. It is a touching British drama inspired by a real event about the spirit of a community. And what can happen if people join together as strength. The storyline of the movie takes place in a little community in South West Wales in the early 1990s. The mayor of the town has agreed to demolish a local youth theatre. But it won’t be as simple as he anticipated. This is owing to local Liz Evans, who isn’t about to stop anytime soon, even attempting to enlist the help of Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg. Stream free popular 1080p movies and television shows via Look Movie streaming website.