Penguin Bloom 2021

2021, Drama
Penguin Bloom 2021

Directors: Glendyn Ivin
Writers: Shaun Grant, Harry Cripps
Cast: Naomi Watts, Griffin Murray-Johnston, Andrew Lincoln
Genre: Film 2021 | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Rating: 6.8/10
Synopsis Penguin Bloom 2020 is a true life-based inspirational drama movie. It depicts the story of an Australian family who recovered from a tragedy with the aid of an animal friend. Sam Bloom, a woman gets paralyzed by an accident on her family vacation in Thailand. She gets sad as she even can’t do a single work on her own. She is having three sons, who one day bring an orphaned baby magpie home. Sam refuses at first but then she accepted the chirping creature. Here are those movies on Lookmovies‘ site, for which you were waiting for so long.