Slash/Back 2022

2022, Adventure, SCI-FI
Slash/Back 2022

Title:- Slash/Back 2022
Directors: Nyla Innuksuk
Writers: Ryan Cavan, Nyla Innuksuk
Cast: Shaun Benson, Kristian Bruun, Amélie Albert-LeBlanc
Genre: Films 2022 | Adventure, Sci-fi
Rating: 5.4/10
Synopsis: Slash/Back 2022 follows Maika is at the centre of the group, displaying her internalised shame about her Indigeneity by only responding in English to her parents who speak Inuktitut and snubbing her family’s history as hunters. She neglects her little sister Aju and gets into a fight with her closest friend Uki because she is more concerned with acquiring minutes on her smartphone and an invitation to the party of the cutest boy in school. When the girls learn about the imminent alien invasion, Maika realises that her community’s traditional survival abilities may be the only thing that might preserve her home. Find out here latest movies collection of 2022 with Looksmovie website.