The Greatest Hits 2024

2024, Drama, Music, Romance
The Greatest Hits 2024

Title:- The Greatest Hits 2024
Directors: Ned Benson
Writers: Ned Benson
Cast: Lucy Boynton, Justin H. Min, David Corenswet
Genre: Films 2024 | Drama, Music, Romance
Synopsis: Despite not being very musical, I have always had a special place in my heart for music. Upon discovering that The Greatest Hits was a movie that essentially revolves around time travel via music. I wanted to discover how they successfully combined science fiction with occasionally popular music. The narrative centers on Harriet following the passing of her partner, Max. Every time she hears a song since his passing, it brings back memories of her time spent with him. To see her beloved again, she is physically transported back in time and into her body at that same moment. Having experienced the loss of loved ones myself, it seems like a nice idea, but as we discover, this is really suffering. Get great selection of daily updated content through Look movie platform.