Plane 2023

2023, Action, Thriller
Plane 2023

Title:- Plane 2023
Directors: Jean-Fran├žois Richet
Writers: Charles Cumming, J.P. Davis
Cast: Gerard Butler, Daniella Pineda, Tony Goldwyn
Genre: Films 2023 | Action, Thriller
Rating: 6.8/10
Synopsis: Brody Torrance is a commercial airplane pilot. On New Year’s Day, a flight from Singapore to Tokyo lost just 14 passengers. Because the flight is so empty and already means a loss for the airline, pilot Brody Torrance is forbidden from flying into an area with bad weather – which would only result in higher fuel consumption and thus additional costs. And so it happened as it was bound to happen: After being struck by lightning, all on-board electronics failed and Brody had only ten minutes to make an emergency landing somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean. Luckily he sees a small island at the last second. The only problem is: the island is controlled by a group of separatist terrorists, who are only too happy to let the hostages be set free. Watch online Plane 2023 in full HD on Look Movie no need subscription for watching and streaming.