Self Reliance 2024

2024, Comedy, Thriller
Self Reliance 2024

Title:- Self Reliance 2024
Directors: Jake Johnson
Writers: Jake Johnson
Cast: Jake Johnson, Andy Samberg, Bjorn Johnson
Genre: Films 2024 | Comedy, Thriller
Synopsis: Tommy has been depressed and lacking direction since splitting from his long-term partner two years ago. Tommy, who is unemployed and now lives with his mother. He is unwilling to change and is mired in his daily routine. Tommy chooses to take a chance and travel to a distant place with Andy Samberg after being contacted in a limo. Samberg drives off after dropping him off at a warehouse. Tommy gets invited to participate in a dark web reality program where assassins from all over the world. They would pursue him for 30 days once he enters. Staying near to someone else is the only way to survive. Else you run the chance of getting killed. Thanks to the user-friendly Lookmovies website, you don’t have to worry about finding the right title.