The Insurrection 2020

2020, Action
The Insurrection 2020

Directors: Rene Perez
Writers: Rene Perez
Cast: Michael Paré, Danner Boyd, Joseph Camilleri
Genre: Film 2020 | Action
Rating: 3.3/10
Descriptions: The movie is telling the story of the chief executive of the world’s largest telecommunications company. She (Wilma Ells) is about to reveal the secret of how the leftist media uses films to control the public. And how media response at the behest of its deep state overseer in the political arena. As her secrets are revealed through a series of live broadcasts, her former allies send private military contractors to kill the Chief executive Journalist. To save herself from the attackers she hires a former commando (Michael Parr) to keep her alive. Until she reveals the truth of political parties to the world.