Kimi 2022

2022, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Kimi 2022

Title:- Kimi 2022
Directors: Steven Soderbergh
Writers: David Koepp
Cast: Zoë Kravitz, Erika Christensen, Rita Wilson
Genre: Film 2022 | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Rating: 6.3/10
Synopsis: Kimi 2022 film is directed by Steven Soderbergh is about a tech worker girl named Angela. She is living in Seattle and analyzes sound errors for her company’s top product named KIMI. It is a virtual home assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. She is a little agoraphobic, COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns have only acerbated her condition. She can’t even leave her room to share breakfast with the lawyer who lives in the neighborhood with whom she has a relationship. If you are looking for streaming free movies online then enjoy with Look Movie website.