A Quiet Place: Day One 2024

2024, Drama, Horror, SCI-FI
A Quiet Place: Day One 2024

Title:- A Quiet Place: Day One 2024
Directors: Michael Sarnoski
Writers: Michael Sarnoski, John Krasinski, Bryan Woods
Cast: Joseph Quinn, Lupita Nyong’o, Alex Wolff
Genre: Films 2024 | Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Synopsis: This is the story of A Quiet Place: First Day: In the spin-off prequel, we follow Samira as she returns to New York City and finds herself pining for a slice of pizza. She is an elderly woman who travels with a faithful friend named Frodo and a service cat. Her bus ride into the city and her excitement for pizza are cut short as the city is terrorized by an unexpected, massive extraterrestrial invasion. She does, however, manage to survive, as do Reuben and Henri, among a few others. Prior to the attack, she had initially met the latter at a marionette theater. You can use the search option to find new titles only at Lookmovie website.