Queen of Spades 2021

2021, Horror
Queen of Spades 2021

Title:- Queen of Spades 2021
Directors: Patrick White
Writers: John Ainslie, Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy
Cast: Ava Preston, Eric Osborne, Daniel Kash
Genre: Film 2021 | Horror
Rating: 5.0/10
Synopsis: Queen of Spades 2021 is a Horror movie based on a story written by Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy. John Ainslie has written screenplay roles from that story. Patrick White has done the direction for this movie. Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite was the first sequel of this movie released in 2015. Teenagers found a book of Mythology, from which they have read so many unbelievable things. As all of them is not having faith in it but to show their bravery they were finding a chance to perform it. One day they all were alone at home. Now they are going to perform an ancient ritual with which they can call an ominous entity named Queen of Spades. As in the darkness, they started drawing a door and a staircase on the mirror and repeated her name three-time. Here they are unknown to the danger they have called but four of them were taking that as a joke. Now you have to watch and find out the solution to a problem they are now trapped in. Enjoy a full movie in HD quality online. Looksmovies website is the best site to enjoy more similar Hollywood films in Full HD Quality.