The Toll 2021 HD

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The Toll 2021 HD

Title:- The Toll 2021
Directors: Ryan Andrew Hooper
Writers: Matt Redd
Cast: Michael Smiley, Annes Elwy, Iwan Rheon
Genre: Film 2021 | Comedy, Crime, Thriller,
Rating: 5.8/10
Synopsis: The Toll is a 2021 released Hollywood movie which is directed by Ryan Andrew Hooper. The movie is starrer by famous actors, these are Michael Smiley, Annes Elwy, Iwan Rheon. The movie story is about a Toll Booth guy who is also known by this name for his suspicious behavior. His past sins are near to be told by his oldest friend but suddenly he is attacked by Toll Booth’s friend. That person is also a criminal who is too rich and that’s why he is kidnapped by them but the problem is here that he also searching by the police because of his criminal background. lookmovie tab is having many more similar types of movies streaming online for free.