The Stranger in Our Bed 2022

2022, Mystery, Thriller
The Stranger in Our Bed 2022

Title:- The Stranger in Our Bed 2022
Directors: Giles Alderson
Writers: Samantha Lee Howe
Cast: Emily Berrington, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Samantha Bond
Genre: Films 2022 | Mystery, Thriller
Rating: 5.0/10
Synopsis: Charlotte feels trapped when she weds her wealthy and domineering husband. She begins dating a different man. Unexpectedly disappears one day without a trace or a word. Without first notifying her spouse, she begins a clandestine investigation into his disappearance. To learn the truth about what happened, she teams up with the sister of her boyfriend. They quickly come to the realisation that nothing is as it seems. And then what occurs is that they both witness a murder. how the duo comes to be engaged in a dark cat and mouse game. There are multiple dead bodies that they see. You can stream films and tv shows free on Lookmovie 2022 collection.