They Called Him Mostly Harmless 2024

2024, Crime, Documentary, Mystery
They Called Him Mostly Harmless 2024

Title:- They Called Him Mostly Harmless 2024
Directors: Patricia E. Gillespie
Writers: Patricia E. Gillespie
Cast: Kristin Adams, Marge Creech, Brandon Dowell
Genre: Films 2024 | Documentary, Crime, Mystery
Synopsis: The story of the hiker known only by his trail names “Denim” and “Mostly Harmless” and the journey many took to ultimately discover who he was off the trail are the subjects of this brand-new feature-length documentary on Max. In addition to the law enforcement and internet groups that were attempting to identify the man this film includes interviews with people who met him while he was on the trail. But for those who are trying to figure out who he really is, Mostly Harmless quickly becomes a legendary figure. What secrets does his story conceal, and do they remain hidden for a purpose? Fans of mysteries will delight in the way this one is resolved and the surprising detours it takes. Look movies is among the most widely used platforms for streaming videos online.