Dragon Fury 2021

2021, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Dragon Fury 2021

Title:- Dragon Fury 2021
Directors: Scott Jeffrey
Writers: Scott Jeffrey, Rhys Waterfield
Cast: Nicola Wright, Chelsea Greenwood, Sofia Lacey |
Genre: Film 2021 | | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Rating: 6.1/10
Synopsis: Dragon Fury is 2021 is a horror and Sci-Fi movie is directed by Scott Jeffre. Scott Jeffrey and Rhys Waterfield both are the writers of the movie. It is a British fantasy, mystery movie genre. The movie stars Nicola Wright, Chelsea Greenwood, and Sofia Lacey. The movie follows the story of a military team. They discover a deadly creature lurking in the mountains. The retired soldier mobilize along with her colleagues. They want to search down a beast lurking in the mountains of Wales. Shortly, the soldiers observe the beast is that of a dragon. They will need far more than guns to protect themselves. While they begin to be hunted down one by one by the utmost predator. So many new films for kids are streaming on Lookmovies, watch now and enjoy the whole collection for Free.