The Secret Kingdom 2023

2023, Adventure, Family
The Secret Kingdom 2023

Title:- The Secret Kingdom 2023
Directors: Matt Drummond
Writers: Matt Drummond
Cast: Alyla Browne, Alice Parkinson, Beth Champion
Genre: Films 2023 | Adventure, Family
Rating: 5.1/10
Synopsis: The Secret Kingdom when the drummer family moves into the house. Parents Vivian and David are exhausted as they start a new life knowing it will put extra strain on their child. Meanwhile, their children Peter and Verity struggle to adjust to their new surroundings. There they go as Peter and Verity uncover a The Secret Kingdom beneath their feet. As they attempt to explore a world directed by armored pangolins, they discover that Peter is their king. In order to protect his sister, protect the kingdom, and return home, he must overcome his fears. Watch The Secret Kingdom full movie online on Lookmovie 2023. Here you can watch all movies from 2022 to 2023 latest released without paying something.