Saw X 2023

2023, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Saw X 2023

Title:- Saw X 2023
Directors: Kevin Greutert
Writers: Josh Stolberg, Pete Goldfinger
Cast: Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Synnøve Macody Lund
Genre: Films 2023 | Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Synopsis: In terms of continuity, “Saw X” is a direct sequel to “Saw,” so you don’t need to be familiar with the details of the previous nine movies to enjoy this one. The evil mastermind who creates death traps where the chosen, typically people with shady or criminal experiences, must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice in order to survive, John Kramer, better known as Jigsaw, is played once again by Tobin Bell. Sometimes it involves literally slicing through ligaments or nerves with barbed wire or ripping out an eye while a timer counts down to total obliteration: “Live or die, make your choice.” Viewers can always updated with new movies on Flixtor to homepage website.