The Roast of Tom Brady 2024

2024, Comedy, Documentary
The Roast of Tom Brady 2024

Title:- The Roast of Tom Brady 2024
Directors: Kevin Schini
Writers: Kevin Schini
Cast: Tom Brady, Kevin Hart, Jeffrey Ross
Genre: Films 2024 | Documentary, Comedy
Synopsis: Being the emcee of The Roast of Tom Brady, actor and comedian Kevin Hart told the most jokes of all the participants during the whole event. Hart did an excellent job of keeping the three-hour event moving at a fast pace and made sure to poke fun at Brady and the other roasters. In 2015, Hart served as both the host and roastmaster of the Comedy Central roast of Justin Bieber. The focal point of The Roast of Tom Brady was the all-time greatest NFL winner. The best quarterback in history, who also happened to be one of the greatest roasts ever, all at once. All the best of documentries shows are available here on Lookmovie foundation alternative without any delay.