The Noel Diary 2022

2022, Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Noel Diary 2022

Title:- The Noel Diary 2022
Directors: Charles Shyer
Writers: Rebecca Connor, Richard Paul Evans, David Golden
Cast: Justin Hartley, Bonnie Bedelia, Barrett Do
Genre: Films 2022 | Comedy, Romance, Drama
Rating: 6.1/10
Synopsis: The Noel Diary Character Justin Hartley as Jake Turner, a popular and successful author returning to his childhood home after his mother passed away; and Barrett Doss as Rachel, a woman in search for the identity of her birth mother. It’s a subdued movie about two strangers connecting with one another as they deal with past damage. For starters there is minimum comedy, a couple of jokes relating to the cuteness of Jake’s dog, and then it’s a sullen movie about death, sadness, forgiveness and moving on. Watch Free The Noel Diary 2022 online full HD on Lookmovies. Here you will find movies of different genres like Action, Romance, Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Drama, etc. Stream the latest movies for free.