Somebody I Used to Know 2023

2023, Comedy, Romance
Somebody I Used to Know 2023

Title:- Somebody I Used to Know 2023
Directors: Dave Franco
Writers: Dave Franco, Alison Brie
Cast: Alison Brie, Jay Ellis, Kiersey Clemons
Genre: Films 2023 | Comedy, Romance
Synopsis: Ten years ago, Ally left her boyfriend and their small, rural hometown to make documentaries in Los Angeles. At the local pub, Ellie runs into Sean, with whom she was engaged and moved on a decade ago. Sean’s existence, on the other hand, hasn’t changed one bit: he’s still in Leavenworth, with his large family, his historic home. The meeting between the two soon turns from awkward, almost romantic. They go out, drink, gossip, but when everything seems to be going well, Sean paused up; He tells her that he doesn’t want another disappointment, knowing that Ally will be gone again in a few days. Watch online for Action to Romance movies in full HD on free on Look Movie.