The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2022

2022, Adventure, Comedy, Family
The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2022

Title:- The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2022
Directors: Jeff Wadlow
Writers: Todd Berger, Robert Rugan, John R. Morey
Cast: Marlon Wayans, Priah Ferguson, Kelly Rowland
Genre: Films 2022 | Adventure, Comedy, Family
Rating: 5.6/10
Synopsis: The Gordon family, husband Howard, wife Emily, and their adolescent daughter Sydney, are central to the plot. This family has recently relocated from Brooklyn to the imaginary hamlet of Bridge Hollow in New England. Sydney is upset, but Howard has been offered a position teaching science at a nearby high school. It’s also said to be the safest town in the country. Of course, such title does not stay. Sydney discovers a treasure hidden behind a wall in the attic while exploring the ancient house she now grudgingly calls home. Inside is an ugly jack-o’-lantern constructed of an old, discoloured gourd. If you are looking for top streaming website, there is no better site than Look movie platform with no payment fees.