Scrapper 2021

2021, Crime, Thriller
Scrapper 2021

Title:- Scrapper 2021
Directors: Bari Kang
Writers: Bari Kang
Cast: Ava Paloma, Craig muMs Grant, Myles Clohessy
Genre: Film 2021 | Crime, Thriller
Rating: 6.2/10
Synopsis: Scrapper 2021 Hollywood movie is directed by Bari Kang. The story of the film revolves around an ex-con guy named Jake. Now he is trying to make a tranquil life with his family. It is a dependable effortlessness and commonality to the usage of this reliable time. But things are not going the way Jake wants, he is pursued by some Mexican and Punjabi violent criminals after a robbery. Jake never thinks that by living in Queens, New York City his past soon catches him up. He’s thrown into the center of a conflict in brutal felons led by violent, ruthless criminals. He has to save himself and escape from that situation as soon as possible. Browse the latest collection of Hollywood town on the Look movie website for free.