Playing God 2021

2021, Comedy, Drama
Playing God 2021

Title:- Playing God 2021
Directors: Scott Brignac
Writers: Scott Brignac
Cast: Hannah Kasulka, Luke Benward, Michael McKean
Genre: Film 2021 | Comedy,Drama
Rating: 5.4/10
Synopsis: Playing God 2021 is an American film having a story of two Siblings named Rachel (Hannah Kasulka) and Micah (Luke Benward). Both of them are professional scammers. They used to create and implement the different tricks and earn profit from them. They both are brother and sister and are indulged in criminal activities in greed for more earnings. Their work was going smoothly but one day something happened and the man who was their earlier target, came back. He has come to upset their life. The target they caught now is Ben (Alan Tudyk), he was told by them that they are going to fix his meeting with God and will introduce him to it. Ben was a self-made person and lost his family in the past. He used to visit spiritual awakenings and has failed several times. So now he used to visit Houston churches daily. Now Frank who was a longtime mentor of them was recruited by Rachel & Micah. Now Frank has to become a God and has to take their plane towards success. But something happened. Now the suspense will only disclose when you will watch this Full Movie, it is streaming here online watch now. The Free Hollywood Movies streaming platform Looksmovie is having many new trending films streaming on it, watch and enjoy in HD Print here.