Maestro 2023

2023, Biography, Drama, Music
Maestro 2023

Title:- Maestro 2023
Directors: Bradley Cooper
Writers: Bradley Cooper, Josh Singer
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Bradley Cooper, Matt Bomer
Genre: Films 2023 | Biography, Drama, Music
Synopsis: Leonard Bernstein was already leading a homosexual lifestyle in New York City in 1946. He had successfully conducted the New York Philharmonic for the first time and had his Broadway debut of “On the Town,” a joint project with Jerry Robbins, premiered. In same year, he got to know Felicia Montealegre, a Chilean actress who would go on to become his confidante and best friend, and whom he would marry in 1951. Felicia suffered over the years as a result of Lenny’s infidelity, but she persisted in her role as the “Maestro’s” devoted wife. The bond between Felicia Montealegre and Bernstein piques Maestro’s curiosity the most. The movie rewinds to the family’s Fairfield, Connecticut, home in the 1970s in color. The three Bernstein kids are getting older now. Enjoy the most trending shows and movies of 2023 through Lookmovie website.