Orion and the Dark 2024

2024, Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Orion and the Dark 2024

Title:- Orion and the Dark 2024
Directors: Sean Charmatz
Writers: Charlie Kaufman, Emma Yarlett, Lloyd Taylor
Cast: Jacob Tremblay, Paul Walter Hauser, Colin Hanks
Genre: Films 2024 | Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Synopsis: It tells the story of Orion, a miserable little child who fears almost everything, including raising his hand in class. He talks to the girl he secretly loves, he has an excessive bowel movement that overflows the toilet. He especially likes the dark. However, one evening the Dark himself, a massive, cloaked figure with a hood over his face, swoops grumpily into his chamber. To show that it’s not all that horrible, The Dark is adamant on taking Orion on a fantastical nighttime trip across Stygian landscapes. She presents him to her five companions who are abstract types, one of which is Insomnia. You can access the Lookmovie streaming platform, on all operating systems on mobilephones and PCs.