True Spirit 2023

2023, Adventure, Biography, Drama
True Spirit 2023

Title:- True Spirit 2023
Directors: Sarah Spillane
Writers: Sarah Spillane, Rebecca Banner, Cathy Randall
Cast: Alyla Browne, Teagan Croft, Cliff Curtis
Genre: Films 2023 | Adventure, Biography, Drama
Rating: 6.8/10
Synopsis: Jessica has completed a circumnavigation of the Southern Hemisphere, in which you have to start and arrive at the same point, crossing all the equators of longitude and equator. In a mix of irresponsibility and adventure, her journey begins in her native Australia and lasts seven months, crossing oceans and trying to survive indescribable storms along the way. Jessica did all that. Jessica has travelled the world’s most treacherous and challenging oceans, crossing four capes and crossing the equator twice. She has sailed around the world non-stop, solo, without any assistance and is the youngest person ever to do so. They have travelled at least 23,000 nautical miles and we have data confirming the exact distance. Watch True Spirit 2023 biography movie in full HD for free without registration on LookMovie 2023.