Oppenheimer 2023

2023, Biography, Drama, History
Oppenheimer 2023

Title:- Oppenheimer 2023
Directors: Christopher Nolan
Writers: Christopher Nolan, Kai Bird, Martin Sherwin
Cast: Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon
Genre: Films 2023 | Biography, Drama, History
Synopsis: Oppenheimer is a biographical thriller film directed, written and co-produced by Christopher Nolan, starring theoretical physicist J.J. Robert Oppenheimer, who helped develop the first nuclear weapon. But while “Oppenheimer” J. Presenting moments from Robert Oppenheimer’s lifetime, the film is mostly filtered through two key events: the creation of the atomic bomb and the 1954 security hearings that questioned his patriotism. From Momento’s Leonard Shelby to The Prestige’s dueling magicians, and from Inception’s dream thieves to Bruce Wayne, Nolan’s stories focus on how only passion leads to tragedy and how our greatest advances can be our greatest downfalls. Watch Oppenheimer 2023 full movie in HD quality on Lookmovie without any subscription.