American Badger 2021

2021, Action
American Badger 2021

Title:- American Badger 2021
Directors: Kirk Caouette
Writers: Kirk Caouette
Cast: Kirk Caouette, Andrea Stefancikova, Michael Kopsa
Genre: Film 2021 | Action
Rating: 3.4/10
Synopsis: American Badger is an interesting idea. Hitman Dean is the protagonist in this movie. Hitman lost his wife a few years ago. Hitman Dean has barely spoken to anyone since he lost his wife. His sole point of contact is his pet dog and handler with whom he only communicates. He settled into this way of living and he doesn’t seem to feel much need or desire for the human community. So when anyone asked him to befriend young women he feels nervous. Alongside this, in terms of the fight, the film delivers fairly well. The brutal realism of which can have strong appeal for a few genre fans. But this being about bitter violence, small scale there’s less by way of spectacle for those for whom nifty moves and suffering are not enough. There’s gangster stuff is stern but not particularly well flourish because for the most part we only see events from the Badger’s point of view. As a character, if you connect with him you will be lost. In some areas, it functions as a good demonstration of directorial skill. Eventually, American Badger is a film that we’ve seen many times before. It doesn’t have enough of its own to say to make it particularly gripping. The 2021 Hollywood movies collection is streaming online on the LooksMovie website, visit and enjoy new movies in 4K quality.