Loki S02 E06

2023, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Loki S02 E06

Title:- Loki S02 E06
Directors: Kasra Farahani
Writers: Eric Martin, Kasra Farahani, Jason O’Leary
Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson
Genre: Shows 2023 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Synopsis: Loki quotes himself from the conclusion of Thor (2011) as he is ready to sacrifice his own future in order to destroy the Temporal Loom and offer everyone else a chance at a better future than the oppressive regime of the Sacred Timeline. In that film, Loki makes an attempt to demolish Jotunheim, but he is foiled when Thor destroys the Bifrost Bridge. To this, Loki cries, “I could have done it, father! To you! For everyone here!” When Loki first stated that, he was trying to satisfy his own ego by proving himself and making an appeal to his father. However, Loki uses the same words in the film’s climax to demonstrate how far he’s come: he’s now prepared to give up everything for everyone else. Registration is not required to stream new titles via LookMovie io website.