Mafia Mamma 2023

2023, Action, Comedy, Crime
Mafia Mamma 2023

Title:- Mafia Mamma 2023
Directors: Catherine Hardwicke
Writers: Amanda Sthers, J. Michael Feldman, Debbie Jhoon
Cast: Toni Collette, Monica Bellucci, Sophia Nomvete
Genre: Films 2023 | Action, Comedy, Crime
Rating: 5.6/10
Synopsis: Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, “Mafia Mamma “. Written by J. Michael Feldman and Debbie Zhun, it sounds like an old, old movie from the 1980s. This is the type of comedy/drama that Goldie Hawn would have done in a time when movie audiences were more receptive to seeing someone who acted like a dippy blonde thrown into uncomfortable situations, make matters worse, “Mafia Mamma ” tries to pretend that it is a “feminist” film, when in fact it is the opposite of a feminist film, as it makes the female characters in the film very superficial. Watch online Mafia Mamma full movie HD quality at Lookmovie 2023 for free.