Life After Fighting 2024

2024, Action, Drama, Thriller
Life After Fighting 2024

Title:- Life After Fighting 2024
Directors: Bren Foster
Writers: Bren Foster
Cast: Bren Foster, Cassie Howarth, Luke Ford
Genre: Films 2024 | Action, Drama, Thriller
Synopsis: The peaceful life of former international martial arts champion Alex Faulkner is depicted in Life After Fighting. When two young kids from his martial arts school mysteriously disappear and a startling discovery is made, he is devastated. That is really personal to him. When all hope appears to be lost, Faulkner’s perseverance results in the girls’ release from prison. She exposing a sinister global child-trafficking network and setting him up for the battle of his life. Of course, the action will be the primary reason for anyone to log into Life After Fighting. If the dramatic elements are executed in a somewhat uninteresting way, the action’s direction will seem completely different. The greatest thing about Lookmovies website is that it has a stunning interface.