All of Us Strangers 2024

2024, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
All of Us Strangers 2024

Title:- All of Us Strangers 2024
Directors: Andrew Haigh
Writers: Andrew Haigh, Taichi Yamada
Cast: Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, Carter John Grout
Genre: Films 2024 | Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Synopsis: The emotion in All of Us Strangers is abundant. It’s the kind of movie that challenges us to welcome the most tender moments or the most difficult talks. The narrative is eerie but expertly written it’s also sensitive and tragic, horrifying and visually stunning. All of Us Strangers, written and directed by Andrew Haigh and based on Taichi Yamada’s novel frequently captures everything that is said and everything that is left unsaid. The fantasy drama is gripping and captivating as it addresses grief loneliness and everything that is lost to trauma and the inability to move on past loss all while featuring a powerful performance by Andrew Scott. Lookmovie gives you access to exclusive user experiences by regularly adding new features and content.