Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021

2021, Drama
Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021

Title:- Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021
Directors: Raja Gosnell, Alicia Joy LeBlanc
Writers: Bradley Gosnell, Daniel Floren
Cast: Bradley Gosnell, Daniel Floren, Mia Marcon
Genre: Film 2021 | Drama
Rating: 6.1/10
Synopsis: Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021 is a Drama film based on an award-winning play with the same name. This movie follows the story of Pete (Bradley Gosnell). He has checked into a hotel room and started waiting for his ex-wife and her partner to arrive. There he wants to kill them because they were his rival. But during the waiting time, he found a Bible in the room which was complimentary from the Hotel side. Gideon (Daniel Floren) his friend who was also there in the room with him started reading that Bible. Both of them started arguing about God, theology, and ethics. Now Pete is very confused and found himself trapped in the two options whether to continue the mission or has to drop the plane. Now what he would do? you have to watch this Full film here and find it. Not only action or Thriller Moves are streaming here, but you will also get an option to watch funny movies, Visit the Lookmovie2 tab and enjoy new and old films online.