Chupa 2023

2023, Action, Adventure, Drama
Chupa 2023

Title:- Chupa 2023
Directors: Jonás Cuarón
Writers: Sean Kennedy Moore, Joe Barnathan, Marcus Rinehart
Cast: Christian Slater, Evan Whitten, Ashley Ciarra
Genre: Films 2023 | Action, Adventure, Drama
Rating: 5.6/10
Synopsis: According to legend, the chupacabra is a fearsome, blood-sucking beast—a slimy and fearsome animal you wouldn’t want to feast on your livestock at night. “Chupa” is the heartwarming story of Alejandro aka Alex. The cubs in Mexican director Jonas Cuarón’s family-friendly film aren’t nicknamed “Chupa.” It’s like a fuzzy-wuzzy baby lynx, with inquisitive amber eyes and a pair of straight weird wings it hasn’t learned to use yet. One look at this oversized kitten and you’ll want one for yourself, if not the awesome version to snuggle up at night. Watch Chupa 2023 in full HD quality on Look Movie without registration.