Bitconned 2024

2024, Documentary
Bitconned 2024

Title:- Bitconned 2024
Directors: Bryan Storkel
Writers: Weston Currie, Jonathan Ignatius Green
Cast: Robert Farkas, Sohrab Sharma, Ray Trapani
Genre: Films 2023 | Documentary
Synopsis: Centra Tech is the business that Raymond Trapani, Sam “Sorbee” Sharma, and Robert Farkas found in BITCONNED. It provides debit cards to customers who want to spend their cryptocurrency profits anywhere and whenever they choose. However, the digital startup will require funding to get off the ground in 2017. The group is likewise ignorant of the recently established cryptocurrency sector. The co-founders of the company invent their experience and knowledge in finance to entice investors. through reenactments, archive video and images, and first-hand interviews. The movie examines Centra Tech’s ascent and decline as the first well-known cryptocurrency fraud case the US Securities and Exchange Commission brought. You can imagine 2024 without your favorite content Lookmovie2 streaming website.