Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F 2024

2024, Action, Comedy, Crime
Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F 2024

Title:- Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F 2024
Directors: Mark Molloy
Writers: Danilo Bach, Daniel Petrie Jr., Will Beall
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Taylour Paige
Genre: Films 2024 | Action, Comedy, Crime
Synopsis: This is the situation with Beverly Hills Cop Axel F, the fourth game in the 1984-starting franchise. Thirty years ago, those last entries arrived, with terrible consequences. Axel’s estranged daughter Jane is involved in the incident that prompts him to head back to the West Coast. Since then, there have been multiple attempts to bring the series back to life. A fourth movie was first planned in the mid-1990s, shelved and then revived roughly ten years later. It was eventually canceled in favor of a television series. That supposed to be based on Murphy’s character and his son, but it never made it past the pilot stage. Explore trending movies of 2024 and television episodes via Lookmovie to platform.