Before the Fire 2020

2020, Action, SCI-FI, Thriller
Before the Fire 2020
Directors: Charlie Buhler
Writers: Jenna Lyng Adams
Cast: Jenna Lyng Adams, Jackson Davis, Ryan Vigilant
Genre: Film 2020 | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Rating: 3.9/10
Descriptions: Download latest Before the Fire 2020 movie online without subscription. The pandemic is taking over the world, putting an end to the rhythm of life familiar to a modern person. Representatives of various professions suffer from this. Rising television star Ava Boone returns to her native wilderness to a family that hates her. After the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, getting used to the province where life flows in a calm and measured rhythm is difficult for her. The town has not yet been seized by an epidemic, but all its inhabitants are preparing because she is about to come to their humble abode fraught with new sick and new deaths. Only now Ava is at risk not because of a pandemic but because of her own past. She meets a person capable of destroying her familiar world in a short time. Users can browse unlimited movies and Watch free movie online.