Luckiest Girl Alive 2022

2022, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Luckiest Girl Alive 2022

Title:- Luckiest Girl Alive 2022
Directors: Mike Barker
Writers: Jessica Knoll
Cast: Mila Kunis, Chiara Aurelia, Finn Wittrock
Genre: Films 2022 | Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Rating: 6.4/10
Synopsis: Ani receives a surprise visit from a someone from her past after Luke reserved a table for four at a restaurant. Ani looks through Whitney’s phone while Luke and Whitney are exchanging pleasantries, pretending to appreciate the pictures of Whitney’s newborn child. She recognizes Mr. Larson, an elderly man, and soon encounters him in person. Because Ani was overweight in school, the man almost doesn’t recognize her. In Ani’s story, Mr. Larson is one of the good guys. He is Ani’s encouraging English teacher from the private school Ani attended in the movie, Brentley. Enjoy here newly released movies only on Lookmovies streaming website with no ads.