Attack of the Unknown 2020

Action, Horror, SCI-FI
Attack of the Unknown 2020
Directors: Brandon Slagle
Writers: Brandon Slagle
Cast: Tara Reid, Robert LaSardo, Richard Grieco
Genre: Film 2020 | Animation
Rating: 5.2/10
Descriptions: Attack of the Unknown 2020 download free latest action movie. The most vicious crime syndicate boss is caught by the SWAT team. When he cracks the big drug deal at the drug base. SWAT team finds herself in the imprison inside a county detention center. When the team is taking the most wanted drug criminal out then they see the whole world is burning. They try to communicate outside the world. At every turn, they see people being killed by aliens. They can’t help the people because guns have no effect on aliens. Next in this film, you see how the SWAT team fights with the aliens. Browse some of the popular action movies on Lookmovie and save on your computer.