As They Made Us 2022

2022, Drama
As They Made Us 2022

Title:- As They Made Us 2022
Directors: Mayim Bialik
Writers: Mayim Bialik, Jonathan Cohen
Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Simon Helberg, Dianna Agron
Genre: Films 2022 | Drama
Rating: 5.7/10
Synopsis: Abigail is fresh off a divorce that she has neglected telling her mom, Barbara, about for quite some time. When Abigail receives a call that her father, Eugene, has “fallen again,” Abigail is a little worried. She also doesn’t think much of it, mainly because Barbara is prone to maximum worry and exaggeration. It is clear things are worse than they initially appeared when a meeting with the doctor prompts a discussion about hospice care. They don’t see Eugene living longer than six months, which comes as a big shock to Abigail, whilst Barbara is in major denial about Eugene’s imminent death. Enjoy films and Tv shows at home without any hassle with Looksmovies website.