Cave Rescue 2022

2022, Drama
Cave Rescue 2022

Title:- Cave Rescue 2022
Directors: Tom Waller
Writers: Katrina Grose, Don Linder, Tom Waller
Cast: Apa Bhavilai, Erik Brown, Lawrence de Stefano
Genre: Films 2022 | Drama
Rating: 6.0/10
Synopsis: A terrifying depiction of the actual rescue operation by professional divers from across the world to save a boys soccer team stranded in a complex system of caves that are gradually filling with floods. By employing some of the genuine people who were involved in those events to effectively portray themselves in this story, Tom Waller’s Cave Rescue is very much in the tradition of earlier movies based on true events, such Act of Valor or 15:17 to Paris. The cinematic mood is removed in favour of an apparently compelling combination of meticulous reenactment, spliced with a documentary-like delivery of the acts and choices that were taken and had to be made in order to save these children. Anyone can explore through latest collections of movies on Lookmovie new site.