57 Seconds 2023

2023, SCI-FI, Thriller
57 Seconds 2023

Title:- 57 Seconds 2023
Directors: Rusty Cundieff
Writers: Macon Blair, Rusty Cundieff, E.C. Tubb
Cast: Josh Hutcherson, Morgan Freeman, Greg Germann
Genre: Films 2023 | Sci-Fi, Thriller
Synopsis: A occasionally entertaining soundtrack and a few subtle plot twists about how Franklin’s time-traveling ring actually works help 57 Seconds along. A time-traveling device is found by a tech blogger, who uses it to remake history and exact vengeance on the brutal corporate empire that ruined his family. However, these actions eventually set off a terrible series of occurrences that thrust him into a life-or-death struggle where every second counts. If the filmmakers ever decided to create a sequel, the sci-fi premise has undeniable franchise appeal. Both new and vintage movies and shows are available on LookMovies website.