Strays 2023

2023, Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Strays 2023

Title:- Strays 2023
Directors: Josh Greenbaum
Writers: Dan Perrault
Cast: Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher
Genre: Films 2023 | Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Synopsis: Strays is the story of an extremely optimistic border terrier named Reggie who has been abandoned by his filthy owner, Doug, but is still desperate to return to what he believes is a loving and caring home. However, once he comes to himself, Reggie joins a group of stray animals including a foul-mouthed Boston Terrier named Bugs, an Australian Shepherd named Maggie, and an overbearing dog named Hunter. They are joined by a concerned Great Dane, who serves him an emotional support animal after he passed out. As a police dog. Together, the four new friends set off to bring Reggie home in revenge for Doug for abandoning him. Watch online Strays 2023 full movie in HD quality on Lookmovies Free without any subscription.