York Witches Society 2022

2022, Horror
York Witches Society 2022

Title:- York Witches Society 2022
Directors: Liza Bolton
Writers: Liza Bolton, Philippe Martinez, Brian Marchetti
Cast: Tina Louise Owens, Adwoa Akoto, Louise Bangay
Genre: Films 2022 | Horror
Rating: 4.2/10
Synopsis: The movie follows Amber Gray who is preparing to begin her new life at the university. But she possesses the powers of her ancestors since she is a direct descendant of the last known witch in England. She was unaware of such abilities until they began to appear. She soon becomes a member of The York Witches’ Society, an exclusive group of exceptional students. They unintentionally revive an ancient enemy of Amber’s tribe during her initiation, forcing them to engage in combat with him. Enjoy free movies and television shows online in HD print quality with Looksmovies site.