The Gangster the Cop the Devil 2020

2020, Action, Crime, Drama
The Gangster the Cop the Devil 2020

Directors: Won-Tae Lee
Writers: Won-Tae Lee
Cast: Dong-seok Ma, Kim Sungkyu, Mu-Yeol Kim
Genre: Film 2020 | Action, Crime, Drama
Rating: 6.9/10
Descriptions: Gang leader Jang Dong-soo is known for his violent action, but on a rainy night, he is now attacked and left alone with his serious injuries. Even though he fought his attacker and came out alive, his reputation is still damaged. The only way to regain your dignity is to find your attacker and take revenge on him. He can do anything to achieve the goal, even teaming up with a police officer, Jung Tae-seok, who says Jang Dong-soo attacker is none other than the serial killer known as the “K”, whom he himself has long been.