Ultraman: Rising 2024

2024, Action, Adventure, Animation
Ultraman: Rising 2024

Title:- Ultraman: Rising 2024
Directors: Shannon Tindle, John Aoshima
Writers: Shannon Tindle, Marc Haimes
Cast: Christopher Sean, Rob Fukuzaki, Hiro Nakamura
Genre: Films 2024 | Animation, Action, Adventure
Synopsis: Parenthood and more especially baby care, is the enemy that our hero must face in this spin on a family superhero anime. We begin in Odaiba, Japan, with a flashback to Ken Sato’s early years, as his father has a strong interest in kaiju. It is Japanese pop culture’s enormous monsters. Twenty years later, similar to his father before him, Ken is a baseball star by day and Ultraman, a massive kaiju fighter, by night. It’s less about following a typical slay-the-beast plot line and more about defending humans and monsters from one another. When he is unintentionally tasked with caring for an orphaned baby Kaiju, things become more difficult. Ken isn’t ready to be a single parent. Look movies website has popular animation for kids and family entertainment online.