This Is Me… Now 2024

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This Is Me… Now 2024

Title:- This Is Me… Now 2024
Directors: Dave Meyers
Writers: Jennifer Lopez, Matt Walton, Dave Meyers
Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Fat Joe, Jane Fonda
Genre: Films 2024 | Music, Musical
Synopsis: The artist’s journey and aspirations come to a close in This Is Me…Now A Love Story. She discusses her dreams with her therapist Fat Joe during the course of the movie. She encounters her younger self in a dream when she returns to her hometown and she is accused of abandoning her and not loving her. The artist then embraces who she was and who she’s become by singing “This Is Me…Now.” Although it’s the movie’s climax and features amazing visuals and a fantastic dance break, the song doesn’t capture the essence of the moment. The message is powerful and the chorus is repetitive but it lacks catchiness and the rap verse seems a little haphazard and out of place. Look movie enables its users to watch Hollywood films and television shows for free without having to pay for them.