They/Them 2022

2022, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
They/Them 2022

Title:- They/Them 2022
Directors: John Logan
Writers: John Logan
Cast: Kevin Bacon, Theo Germaine, Anna Chlumsky
Genre: Films 2022 | Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Rating: 3.4/10
Synopsis: Set at the conversion facility Whistler Camp, run by Dr. Cora Whistler and her husband Owen, the story follows a group of LGBTQ+ teenagers, including Jordan, a trans woman, Alexandra, and flamboyant homosexual male. Kim, a secret lesbian, and Toby, a homosexual guy Stu are all required to attend the camp by their families or because to social pressure, among other factors. The camp’s suffocating atmosphere and barely hidden scorn for divergence from heteronormative ideals take darker turns every day, despite Owen’s best efforts to maintain a cheerful and inviting environment. You can browse latest collection here for free with Looksmovie free streaming website.