Thelma 2024

2024, Action, Comedy
Thelma 2024

Title:- Thelma 2024
Directors: Josh Margolin
Writers: Josh Margolin
Cast: June Squibb, Fred Hechinger, Richard Roundtree
Genre: Films 2024 | Action, Comedy
Synopsis: Actress June Squibb, who is 94 years old, has been in the business for many years. However, her career breakthrough has only really occurred in the last ten years. She was seen in Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska” stealing moments. Squibb is a always steals the show in each film she stars in. She finally gets her own leading role in Thelma. Squibb plays a determined grandma who is determined to recover money that has been taken from her by con artists. The director doesn’t go for the action-packed route with the film. He opting instead to focus on character and a certain amount of hilarious turmoil. “Thelma” is a new, uplifting and amusing film that is expertly made by Margolin. You will always find the newest content through Lookmovies platform.