The Tiger’s Apprentice 2024

2024, Action, Adventure, Animation
The Tiger’s Apprentice 2024

Title:- The Tiger’s Apprentice 2024
Directors: Raman Hui, Yong Duk Jhun, Paul Watling
Writers: David Magee, Christopher L. Yost, Laurence Yep
Cast: Henry Golding, Brandon Soo Hoo, Lucy Liu
Genre: Films 2024 | Animation, Action, Adventure
Synopsis: In The Tiger’s Apprentice, a teenage protagonist uncovers a family secret and faces off against an opponent along a well-trod, formulaic course. In this instance, Tom is a young Chinese American man who resides in San Francisco. He is the most recent in a long line of guardians who use powerful animal beings to safeguard an ancient phoenix egg. On the surface, it seems like just another take on a widely used story device. Unfortunately, the plot never quite manages to transcend the commonplace, rigidly following the conventional, predictable path that characterizes these kinds of films. There are dedicated search functions to find content through Lookmovie new site.